The Journey Begins

This page is dedicated to all the misfits in the world, the ones that know the world can be a better place.  We should all be able to relate to one another and have a better understanding of different personalities in life. As the world gets older, there are more personalities being born, we can either fight that with trying to implement common practices or we can join and enjoy the changes that are happening in life…

Either way, change is inevitable. 

Hello Reader! You will find yourself wanting to dig deeper into every topic that is mentioned on this page. “Let’s Talk About It” is for topics that are either destructive or helpful to the world we live in today. We will be discussing stereotypes, prostitution, suicide, money, poor, homeless, and many other important topics that are all apart of today’s society. While my opinion of certain topics may not be the same as yours, I do hope we can talk about each point of view to come to an understanding of different mentalities.