To get respect, one must give respect. We should not walk around acting as though the world owes us anything because it does not. We should not attack others because they have more or less than another. Why must we continue to try and steal someone else’s joy in life because they are living their life differently than yours? The attack on Jussie Smollett and countless other victims, of all different races is unnecessary in today’s world. Why attack him? Because he is being successful, he isn’t out in the streets selling drugs or trying to bully others? Since Americans have helped revolutionize technology and science, to name just a couple, one would think we can get past the color of persons skin. It is not just one race hating on another race, it is all races of America, but for some reason we are so ready to defend people from other countries but hate our own neighbors. It astonishes me how much some of us hate our own neighbors without even knowing who they really are.

There is hate crime with all races and while, in my opinion, it is not right to hate any person because of their skin color, it happens, and the hate crime rate is increasing. In 2017, the number of Anti-Black victims were 2,458, Anti-White were 864 and Anti-Hispanic/Latino were 552. Are Americans ever going to come together on the race problem and solve it? The leaders in our country rather focus on gun control verses trying to bring together people of different races to reduce hate crime. It is up to us to come together and raise our children right. Raising our children to not only look skin deep but to look at the actions of a person.

The amount of people that are being killed because of their skin color should not be increasing in 2019. I will continue to do my part in decreasing the hate crime rate. I’m sure you are thinking how, right? Well, as for my household, my son will be raised to not look only skin deep at a person but to observe how a person moves. My son will grow up and spread the same message as I am spreading to him. Are you doing the same thing in your household? I pray you are, for our children’s future. The message to our children should be to spread love and for any conflicts that we face, to handle them with dignity and respect to our culture. Not to just attack someone because they are a different race from you or because they have a different background than you.

Readers of this blog, please read this and spread the message, we must do better for the culture, not just the black or white culture, but for the American culture. The disrespect we have against one another must be stopped. I feel it starts and continues to spread with each one of us in our own groups looking at other races and seeing the similarity among us all verses looking at differences. My hope is that each one of you that have read this can go back to your respective communities and make a change, even if it’s just one person, each person counts.

Breaking Down Poison!!!

If you read my blog yesterday, maybe you are thinking I am crazy…or not? Either way, last weeks poem is something every human can relate to. There is something that each one of us struggles with. We may know it is not good for us and yet we continue to go back to it.

So, if you feel like you are the only that is struggling with something dangerous, I want to let you know you are not alone. As much as you may struggle with it, whatever it may be, you are able to get past it. I know you can, I did. People will judge you, look at you funny. They will not understand or act as though they do not understand. But we all have demands we are constantly battling.

I think we all wrestle with our own form of demands. It is important for us to all remember that while we are made unique we all face demands. We all face temptations and make choices that may cause more harm than good. It is my understanding there are less and less believers in the Holy Trinity, that is God the Father, Jesus Christ the son, and the Holy Spirit. It saddens me to hear this because they are very much real. Evil forces are everywhere trying to get one to make choices that are not right in God’s eyes and those forces draw you in by using your favorite lusts. We have to be able to recognize the enemy’s tricks before it is too late to recover.

How do I face and attack my demands?? Through praying and maintaining a strong relationship with Yahweh. When I was younger, I was not one to reach out to the creation of the universe but ever since I started praying and reaching out to Yahweh life has been much better. Not better as in, everything is perfect now that I pray, but better as in, there is a lot more I can handle in life. Now, for me this works, and for you, I hope it can as well. So many people have the misconception about praying to God and how He loves us. God, he loves us all and wants us to come to Him. When we are feeling attacked by the enemy, we have to go to God, because honestly, He is the only one that can help us defeat the enemy, after all Jesus has already won the battle for us to be here on Earth.

Yes, talking about God is a sensitive topic, for a lot but it shouldn’t. Please know that we must talk about Him, praise Him and talk to Him always. It is not you, it is not me, and as crazy as it may seem it is not even the leaders of our country, it is the unseen that we truly battle against. I do hope last week’s blog spoke to you and let you know, the battles you face, you can attack and defeat them. The intangible things that are floating around in this world are the most dangerous and if we can help and support one another we can truly be warriors against the unseen.



How beautiful you are to me

The attention you show me is breathtaking

The way you make me feel is unearthly


You always know the right words to say

The adventures we share, they have been like a roller coaster

Not knowing what is going to happen next,

While still trying to gain control of what just happened


You play the right music every time

The melodies you play are shocking and yet satisfying at the same time

Oh, you know the right tunes to get me going


Chase after me somemore

Command my body and take my mind

Keep me near and don’t let me out your site.


Only you can make me feel this way

Trembling all over and exhilarated at the same time

I anticipate the next time you surprise me

Excited for the next time you attack me.


Last night you showed up in my dreams


You’ve ruined my life, why must you try to ruin my dreams?


My life today is better without you

Stop trying to ruin this life like you did last life

You have no place here anymore


I am no longer weak

I am no longer no slave

I am no longer hypnotized by you


Once, you were so beautiful to me

But I’ve seen the monster in you

Now, you are uglier than I have ever imagined


No longer will I be imprisoned by you

Stay out of my mind, you have already been struck down

Today, I am a warrior of the most HIGH

My armor stays on, so you can no longer attack me


I Can’t Believe He Killed Himself!!!

The above statement is often said once a person commits suicide, whispered upon groups with everyone having an opinion on what they would or should have done. But how are we supposed to read minds or help someone if they do not let us know they are struggling in life? How are we supposed to help someone that doesn’t want to be helped?

I have struggled with these two questions for years because while one may give warning signs they are ready to end their life; most people do not take the words of a person seriously. Did you know that among about thirty-nine countries around the world America has the 9th highest suicidal rate? In 2016, the suicide rate was 13.5 per 100,000 standard population, calculating to about 45,000 people in 2016 alone. When researching this information, I was in disbelief, surely Americans love their life and the great country they live in. As I continued to dig into this issue, I found that the suicide rates in America is indeed increasing and has been since the beginning of the 21st century.

Today, there are many forces put in place that make it difficult for a person to talk about the problems they may have. Either because a person may feel they will not be accepted, no one can possibly understand what that person is going through or a person may feel they are not able to trust anyone with the problems that arise in their lives. As Americans, we are taught to be strong willed and powerful and while some are extremely strong minded, there are some people that may need uplifting in their life. Many people may not understand what goes through the mind of a person that tries or commits suicide. Not everyone has the mindset as the next person and this makes it difficult for people to communicate about such a sensitive topic.

I am going to digress for a moment…
            So many news and media outlets want us, the American people, to just believe guns are the issue, when in fact guns are not the main issue. Get rid of guns, get rid of suicide, I do not agree. It is astonishing that I had to search through countless websites to find actual reasons, other than guns, as to why suicide rates are rising in America.

It is possible that having less access to guns can reduce suicide rates, but I think we can all agree that guns are not the main way to prevent suicide. Blaming suicide on a tool is just putting a sensor on the real reason for suicide, real reasons include depression, isolation, loneliness and wickedness. Now, some may think suicide cannot be led by evil spirits, but I am not one.

Many people do not have access to proper medical care. Many people that suffer from depression and ill minded thoughts, may not be able to go see a therapist because their prices are astronomical or they may not have access to one. So that leaves us, you and I, to help each other. We must be able to lean on one another during times of hardship and depression. People in your society should know they have at least one person they can talk to, that will not judge them and will not make them feel stupid or less than because they are having weak moments in their life.

Can we love more while a person is here on Earth verses waiting until they are dead and gone? The ultimate goal for this blog is to bring awareness about suicide and depression; if just one person would read this and go check on their sad friend and their happy friend. That very action could save a life.

Peace & Love To All!!

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Why Stereotype?

“You’re paying with your food stamp card, correct?” At that moment, I was thinking why would she ask me that question and while I didn’t say the words, the expression was written all on my face. Anyone who knows me, knows I do not have to say anything because my facial expressions always give my thoughts away. I felt disgusted in how the American society continues to stereotype people that come from different backgrounds. So, instead of just asking the question, internally, I want to get the question out to everyone:

“Why is it that much of the American society will look only skin deep when trying to understand one’s personality?”

The answer to this question is much more complex than a single word, the answer needs deep thinking into one’s own environment and how the surroundings affect each individual to the point, we feel we must judge a person by what they are wearing or the color of the skin. I have found we must look internally for answers. I have yet to meet one person in life that is not guilty of stereotyping. My father is a retired veteran from the Army and with the experience of traveling and seeing different backgrounds first hand, the one thing that is not different is the way Americans treat each other.

As you read through this first blog, please understand my goal: To create a better environment for the future. Living in the now, I know that the future is at risk for much destruction if there are not more people that are able to sit down, talk and resolve some issues that should have been dealt with long ago. My blogs will not be for everybody, because whoever reads this, I do not want you to just read, but for our children’s future, please discuss and come up with a solution among your own peers on how we can minimize the act of stereotyping, or even if it should be minimized. We should talk about it, versus putting up a wall and not be willing to understand different backgrounds.

Something I’ve always heard from people of the same race as me, “You talk so white!” My response,“And how are blacks supposed to talk? Are we supposed to speak as though we have no education?” For someone to express speaking proper is only a white thing to do, is really an insult to that person and not me. What you are insinuating is that a black person is not supposed to be educated, something that our ancestors fought so hard to come from. In the same sense, one cannot say another person is not educated because they do not speak “properly.” Some of the most educated and wealthiest people in America do not speak or have the appearance of what stereotyping proclaims.  And so, I ask the question, “What is the point of stereotyping if this is not a true test of understanding a personality?”

Let me know your thoughts… All opinions are welcome here! Peace and Love!

The Journey Begins

This page is dedicated to all the misfits in the world, the ones that know the world can be a better place.  We should all be able to relate to one another and have a better understanding of different personalities in life. As the world gets older, there are more personalities being born, we can either fight that with trying to implement common practices or we can join and enjoy the changes that are happening in life…

Either way, change is inevitable. 

Hello Reader! You will find yourself wanting to dig deeper into every topic that is mentioned on this page. “Let’s Talk About It” is for topics that are either destructive or helpful to the world we live in today. We will be discussing stereotypes, prostitution, suicide, money, poor, homeless, and many other important topics that are all apart of today’s society. While my opinion of certain topics may not be the same as yours, I do hope we can talk about each point of view to come to an understanding of different mentalities.