To get respect, one must give respect. We should not walk around acting as though the world owes us anything because it does not. We should not attack others because they have more or less than another. Why must we continue to try and steal someone else’s joy in life because they are living their life differently than yours? The attack on Jussie Smollett and countless other victims, of all different races is unnecessary in today’s world. Why attack him? Because he is being successful, he isn’t out in the streets selling drugs or trying to bully others? Since Americans have helped revolutionize technology and science, to name just a couple, one would think we can get past the color of persons skin. It is not just one race hating on another race, it is all races of America, but for some reason we are so ready to defend people from other countries but hate our own neighbors. It astonishes me how much some of us hate our own neighbors without even knowing who they really are.

There is hate crime with all races and while, in my opinion, it is not right to hate any person because of their skin color, it happens, and the hate crime rate is increasing. In 2017, the number of Anti-Black victims were 2,458, Anti-White were 864 and Anti-Hispanic/Latino were 552. Are Americans ever going to come together on the race problem and solve it? The leaders in our country rather focus on gun control verses trying to bring together people of different races to reduce hate crime. It is up to us to come together and raise our children right. Raising our children to not only look skin deep but to look at the actions of a person.

The amount of people that are being killed because of their skin color should not be increasing in 2019. I will continue to do my part in decreasing the hate crime rate. I’m sure you are thinking how, right? Well, as for my household, my son will be raised to not look only skin deep at a person but to observe how a person moves. My son will grow up and spread the same message as I am spreading to him. Are you doing the same thing in your household? I pray you are, for our children’s future. The message to our children should be to spread love and for any conflicts that we face, to handle them with dignity and respect to our culture. Not to just attack someone because they are a different race from you or because they have a different background than you.

Readers of this blog, please read this and spread the message, we must do better for the culture, not just the black or white culture, but for the American culture. The disrespect we have against one another must be stopped. I feel it starts and continues to spread with each one of us in our own groups looking at other races and seeing the similarity among us all verses looking at differences. My hope is that each one of you that have read this can go back to your respective communities and make a change, even if it’s just one person, each person counts.

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From the moment of birth, I was born to stand out and make a difference in the world. I am a driven woman with an open mind for different view points. Throughout my blogs you will see different perspectives from different cultures and views. My hope is that we can all have somewhat of an understanding of different backgrounds. So please, read, discuss, chime in and engage. All point of views are welcome here!

4 thoughts on “DO NOT ATTACK THEM!!!!”

  1. Great Blog! You hit the nail right on the head, dignity and respect. Loving each other as God loves us! Hate is a learned behavior and we must start as you stated in your own household. What are we teaching? I agree, don’t attack anyone because of their ethnicity, religion, or their way of living. We all know actions speak louder than words. Speak positive and even if someone is not what you expect them to be, meet them where they are at.. Prayers for our country!


    1. Thank you Drea for your comment! And yes, we should be able to meet one where they are at and just be there for them and not judge them. Thank you for reading! Peace & Love 🙏🏾


  2. The way I was brought up, my folks instilled in me that love has no color. I will teach this simple message to my sons as well. Thank you for the good read. Keep it up!

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