I Can’t Believe He Killed Himself!!!

The above statement is often said once a person commits suicide, whispered upon groups with everyone having an opinion on what they would or should have done. But how are we supposed to read minds or help someone if they do not let us know they are struggling in life? How are we supposed to help someone that doesn’t want to be helped?

I have struggled with these two questions for years because while one may give warning signs they are ready to end their life; most people do not take the words of a person seriously. Did you know that among about thirty-nine countries around the world America has the 9th highest suicidal rate? In 2016, the suicide rate was 13.5 per 100,000 standard population, calculating to about 45,000 people in 2016 alone. When researching this information, I was in disbelief, surely Americans love their life and the great country they live in. As I continued to dig into this issue, I found that the suicide rates in America is indeed increasing and has been since the beginning of the 21st century.

Today, there are many forces put in place that make it difficult for a person to talk about the problems they may have. Either because a person may feel they will not be accepted, no one can possibly understand what that person is going through or a person may feel they are not able to trust anyone with the problems that arise in their lives. As Americans, we are taught to be strong willed and powerful and while some are extremely strong minded, there are some people that may need uplifting in their life. Many people may not understand what goes through the mind of a person that tries or commits suicide. Not everyone has the mindset as the next person and this makes it difficult for people to communicate about such a sensitive topic.

I am going to digress for a moment…
            So many news and media outlets want us, the American people, to just believe guns are the issue, when in fact guns are not the main issue. Get rid of guns, get rid of suicide, I do not agree. It is astonishing that I had to search through countless websites to find actual reasons, other than guns, as to why suicide rates are rising in America.

It is possible that having less access to guns can reduce suicide rates, but I think we can all agree that guns are not the main way to prevent suicide. Blaming suicide on a tool is just putting a sensor on the real reason for suicide, real reasons include depression, isolation, loneliness and wickedness. Now, some may think suicide cannot be led by evil spirits, but I am not one.

Many people do not have access to proper medical care. Many people that suffer from depression and ill minded thoughts, may not be able to go see a therapist because their prices are astronomical or they may not have access to one. So that leaves us, you and I, to help each other. We must be able to lean on one another during times of hardship and depression. People in your society should know they have at least one person they can talk to, that will not judge them and will not make them feel stupid or less than because they are having weak moments in their life.

Can we love more while a person is here on Earth verses waiting until they are dead and gone? The ultimate goal for this blog is to bring awareness about suicide and depression; if just one person would read this and go check on their sad friend and their happy friend. That very action could save a life.

Peace & Love To All!!

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From the moment of birth, I was born to stand out and make a difference in the world. I am a driven woman with an open mind for different view points. Throughout my blogs you will see different perspectives from different cultures and views. My hope is that we can all have somewhat of an understanding of different backgrounds. So please, read, discuss, chime in and engage. All point of views are welcome here!

12 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe He Killed Himself!!!”

  1. Ironically I just posted on Facebook about the importance of reaching out for help. The stigma of asking for help makes you weak or convincing yourself who has time to hear my problems, when they may be going through themselves mindset doesn’t help. Human decency doesn’t cost anything and yet one too many times, we are quick to dismiss someone’s plea for help because we don’t take them serious or we just don’t know how to respond. Checking in on each other can save a life and while it cost time, it’s better then having to spend time at someone’s funeral wishing they were still with us.

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    1. It is good to hear this is being talked about all over Mayeji! People that are suicidal must know it is better to reach out and ask for help verses holding all the pain inside. Thank you for your comment.


  2. That’s why I speak life to people because we never know what’s going on in people mind and life! If you ever think of person call them! It the universe letting you know the person is not okay! Many of us suffer alone, don’t know how to ask for help!


      1. This blog speaks on alot of strong points that i thought i was the only one with that type of thinking, last year alone we lost a few family members from my husbands side of the family and i heard it a little to often he was this and that and oh this and that, i was bitting my lip saying to myself this peopple are hippocrates they had spoken bad about the deceased a number of times but now that his gone they want to show emotion towards that person and the same thing to taking flowers to a burial or a funeral? I personally had never liked it i feel that those that I love should be alive in order to recived the flowers to admire them and to feel the love i bring to them opposed to leaving beautiful flowers on a grave,but i guess we all do it as a sign of respect.


      2. I’m sorry to hear about the many situations your family went through. To bring awareness before someone actually commits the act is really what we should all focus on. Thank you for your comment Yazz.


  3. GREAT points sis… You already know where I stand with this. Depression is a monster that’s hard to shake but you are right, checking in with your friends, family, and loved ones is very vital. I mean there are times where you always check on me whenever you might have the hint that I am down. For that I am always grateful.

    Good job on the blog. Raising awareness is needed in these times.


    1. Thank you C. Esquire! And yes I know depression is something that is hard to kick and we all should have someone to lean on. And you already know you have me forever!!


  4. Great message, I adore the fact that you focus on a the solution not just the problem. I feel so much of the world today just wants to talk, about a problem they have no intentions on solving. I believe that we should reflect and make sure we ourselves are protected from these human emotions. Dwell deeper, explore our minds they are so powerful but yet we let them hold us back so often. Thanks for caring about the world Allshesi!!!


    1. Exactly! We talk about the problem but we have no solution, but we can help the problem by focusing on it only. If we can all shift our way of thinking we can do better as a human race. Thank you for reading!!!


  5. I agree guns is not the primary issue here, although eliminating access to get one may decrease some suicide rates, more importantly individuals are struggling to cope with mental health. You never know what the next person may be battling with. Praying for them and checking on them are a few ways to help, but research has to be done to provide counseling or proper medicine to balance any dark thoughts. Individuals may be ashamed to seek help concerning their mental health, but it’s real! Just as important as a wellness check up or a dental appointment in my view. It has to be taken care of and understood that you are not alone in this trial. I will be honest, never have I considered taking my own life, because that’s the easy way out, however losing my mother 01/02/2017, some dark thoughts crossed my mind, because I miss her so much and I want to be in heaven with her, but when I tell you there is power in prayer! I still have to pray my way through the day, any negative thoughts are drowned out with three positive thoughts, you have to be strong and know that your being tested. Trust God! Talk to a friend, writing in a journal helps as well. it saddens my heart just thinking about this, but be the reason someone smiles today! Be knid! Great topic…


    1. Thank you so much for sharing Drea! I completely agree checking on mental stability is just as an important as wellness and dental checks, but we often forget that because we are trying to be so strong and do not want to appear as weak. You are an awesome woman because of your mother and she is looking down on you so proud of you. You are strength and with God you are displaying it very well!


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