Why Stereotype?

“You’re paying with your food stamp card, correct?” At that moment, I was thinking why would she ask me that question and while I didn’t say the words, the expression was written all on my face. Anyone who knows me, knows I do not have to say anything because my facial expressions always give my thoughts away. I felt disgusted in how the American society continues to stereotype people that come from different backgrounds. So, instead of just asking the question, internally, I want to get the question out to everyone:

“Why is it that much of the American society will look only skin deep when trying to understand one’s personality?”

The answer to this question is much more complex than a single word, the answer needs deep thinking into one’s own environment and how the surroundings affect each individual to the point, we feel we must judge a person by what they are wearing or the color of the skin. I have found we must look internally for answers. I have yet to meet one person in life that is not guilty of stereotyping. My father is a retired veteran from the Army and with the experience of traveling and seeing different backgrounds first hand, the one thing that is not different is the way Americans treat each other.

As you read through this first blog, please understand my goal: To create a better environment for the future. Living in the now, I know that the future is at risk for much destruction if there are not more people that are able to sit down, talk and resolve some issues that should have been dealt with long ago. My blogs will not be for everybody, because whoever reads this, I do not want you to just read, but for our children’s future, please discuss and come up with a solution among your own peers on how we can minimize the act of stereotyping, or even if it should be minimized. We should talk about it, versus putting up a wall and not be willing to understand different backgrounds.

Something I’ve always heard from people of the same race as me, “You talk so white!” My response,“And how are blacks supposed to talk? Are we supposed to speak as though we have no education?” For someone to express speaking proper is only a white thing to do, is really an insult to that person and not me. What you are insinuating is that a black person is not supposed to be educated, something that our ancestors fought so hard to come from. In the same sense, one cannot say another person is not educated because they do not speak “properly.” Some of the most educated and wealthiest people in America do not speak or have the appearance of what stereotyping proclaims.  And so, I ask the question, “What is the point of stereotyping if this is not a true test of understanding a personality?”

Let me know your thoughts… All opinions are welcome here! Peace and Love!

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From the moment of birth, I was born to stand out and make a difference in the world. I am a driven woman with an open mind for different view points. Throughout my blogs you will see different perspectives from different cultures and views. My hope is that we can all have somewhat of an understanding of different backgrounds. So please, read, discuss, chime in and engage. All point of views are welcome here!

12 thoughts on “Why Stereotype?”

  1. It’s fitting that we start off this new year coming with a dialogue about how we press pass the stereotypes. An opportunity to give folks the chance to be judged based on actions and not assumptions. It’s my prayer that we will see each other as human beings regardless of nationality, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, and so many other things. We have an opportunity in this new year to be the difference we seek for our children’s future and it starts by having a safe space to share how we can get beyond our hang ups like stereotypes.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment Mayeji. I agree completely that regardless of any background a person may come from, we are all humans first, God’s creation. The time is now for us to really understand and make changes for children’s sake, their focus should be on a different battle from what ours is today.


    2. Yessss I can say that look at all of us as we are brothers and sisters from One land one melting pot …I just wish folks would understand the world would be such a great place if we could debate our issues before fighting and carrying on bigger iasues


      1. I agree completely! We are all human and we should look at one another as such. We do not have to fight and argue about everything, if we are able to just sit down and talk it out then things will work out a lot better!


  2. Certainly agree with the topic of discussion on stereotype, we do need to come together and make peace in our community to better the environment of being greater human to each other regard to race, country or age, religion we must respect each other! Many have been taught to hate and judge others by their color! We all need to look deeper in our hearts and learn who we are as humans and know our purpose in being on this God given earth! We all need to do better!

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      1. Your amazing, starting amazing blog on improving all of us to communicate more instead of judging the book by the color of one skin, you are walking book with a story! 😁👸🏽


  3. Interesting topic! I also enjoyed reading your first blog…Stereotypes causes damage at any stage in life, from schools, workplaces, and in society as a whole. Will it ever come a time when people can truly love each other as God loves us. Despite gender, race, age, sexual orientation, and the list goes on and on, but all of us are human and should not be prejudged. I feel a lot of stereotyping is learned behavior, we must figure out how to end this vicious cycle. Take time to genuinely get to know someone. We can change the way we see things by speaking different in a positive way.


    1. Exactly Drea!!! We have to change the cycle by spreading positive words and acts of kindness. Prejudging another because the way they look has proved not be an effective way to live in this life.


  4. I believe that their sterotype sometimes comes from their own experiences, it could be that most of the time that they met someone that color, they spoke, behave and did alot of things the same if not similar, there for in their brain the stetotype is created “is ignorant i know” but at one point in our lives we all done it is human behavior, or at times is done just to joke around but is also how is said and the intention behind the person that says it, and how well we know that person, i belive sometimes it also comes from them not being knowledgeable on how to approach someone if they really curious about knowing something about them, i would had never asked that to no body theres a difference between being stereotype are being straight mean. This happend to me about 3 to 4yrs ago and this was in the Px im looking at some makeup the lady that works there aproaches me and says do you need help i reply no thanks, and then she asks where are you from originally? I got taken back by her prompt question and i asked myself why would she assume im not an American born here right? Lol well i said i was born in Mexico raised in Texas she reply ” oh you don’t look like the typical Mexican. I was shocked by the comment, but it was one of those times when you choose your battles and decide to just not say anything and walkaway, but up until this day I still wonder why did she really mean by that? and I wonder what image was planted on her brain of what a Mexican female should look like i use that experience to teach my kids both born here that sometimes people would say things to us without thinking but that their words only have power if we allowed it to, my point is stereotype exsist and the reasons are endless.


    1. Yes, we have many different backgrounds in the U.S. but yet people are shocked when someone may not appear the way they think an American should. You are completely right, the words and stereotype behavior people display upon us only has power if we allow it to. Thank you so much for sharing Queen!


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